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What Day Of Wedding Stationery do you Need?

Day of stationery is a must have when it comes to unleveling your event. Oftentimes the finer details are what truly up-levels your wedding day. Your wedding stationery can be an excellent way to add some personalized touches and tie the theme of your wedding together. In this blog post we look at the different day of wedding stationery options that you may need on your wedding day.

What is day-of wedding stationery?

Before we dig into the different options, it’s likely that some of you reading are a little uncertain what we mean by day of wedding stationery. When thinking of wedding stationery, many people know of wedding invitations and maybe table cards. In reality, your stationery designer can often offer so much more! Day of stationery includes all of the stationery to be used on the day of your wedding i.e. seating charts, welcome signs, menus and seating charts.

Why is day-of wedding stationery important?

Having day-of wedding stationery can help to keep your wedding theme consistent from the invitation design to the day of! It is an extra chance for you to represent your style and vision to your guests. Additionally, these items are very useful for guests to use and provide information about your day, such as place settings or a seating chart that help them find their seat. Also, if you are planning to have a keepsake box or scrapbook for your wedding, day of wedding stationery is the perfect way to keep the details of your day in a more tangible way.

Types of day-of wedding stationery you may need

Ceremony Program

A ceremony program provides an overview of your wedding day. You can include a welcome message to your wedding, highlights of the proceedings taking place and the names of people involved in your ceremony such as your wedding party.

Wedding Seating Chart with Pink Ribbons | Day of Wedding Stationery

Seating Chart

A seating chart is a great way to show guests exactly where their table is at the reception. You can use a chart to show the layout of the tables and correspond these to the table numbers and escort cards or place cards.

Welcome Signs

A welcome sign is often the first thing that people see when they arrive at your venue. Not only can this help direct them to where they need to go but it gives that first glimpse of your wedding theme.

Other Signs

If you are planning to have a lot of extra décor at your venue such as a sweets table or photobooth you may need some extra signs made up! Your designer can help figure out the best plan of action for any extra stationery items and how to tie them together with your theme. Guest books have a bit of a reputation for getting a little lost in the reception. We recommend including a sign to the guest book. You can have a little bit of fun with the wording and attract people to go over and sign!


Menus help tell guests what they will be eating at your reception. If you have food options for your guests, a menu could be helpful to include, especially for those with dietary restrictions.

Elegant Wedding Menu | Day of Wedding Stationery

Escort Cards

Escort cards have a similar role as place cards or a seating chart as they are used to assign guests to their seat at your reception. This is an alternative to a seating chart & place cards where you want the seating to be a little more informal. This is a fun chance for you to get creative!

Place Cards

Once your guests have checked your seating plan, they can find their place at their table to show them where to sit. You can have a lot of fun and show creativity with place cards and even have them be part of a favour left at each seat.

Luxury Wedding Favours | Day of Wedding Stationery

Table Numbers

Exactly how they sound, these are used to help guests identify which table is which. Once they have gotten their escort cards and looked at the seating chart, they can easily find their table by looking at the number that matches!

Favour Gift Tags & Favour Labels

If you are giving out favours to your guests at your wedding, you should include favour gift tags. These usually have the names of the couple or the date of the wedding as well as a note of thanks. For some of our couples we’ve done personalized labels for jam jars as well as stickers for boxes.

When should you order your day-of wedding stationery?

Ordering your day-of wedding stationery depends on your designer and their timeline. Additionally, it depends on what stationery and how much of each item you need. As always, it helps to book early to avoid not being able to secure the same designer as your invitations and other wedding stationery. We recommend mentioning these to your designer as you start working on your invitations so they can schedule you in at the same time. On average, you want to try to order your day-of wedding stationery around three to four months in advance! If you’re looking to book with Pearl Invitations, we have a lot of inquiries for 2021-2022 so order sooner to avoid disappointment. Some items may need to be created and printed later (i.e., place cards and seating charts).

Day-of wedding stationery for micro-weddings!

Adding stationery to your microwedding is a lovely way to uplevel the feel of your event. Having a smaller guest count can mean more of your budget can go towards those higher level finishes (such as luxury paper and handwritten calligraphy) that will make your day so memorable. When considering stationery for your microwedding, be mindful that while printing costs may be lower than a larger wedding there tends to be less bulk discounts and your designer fee will still be the same.

No matter the size of your wedding or how much stationery you need, Pearl Invitations would love to be considered for your custom wedding invitations! We have custom, elegant & unique designs and an array of options to choose from. From designing to printing, we can sit down together and figure out what the best options are for your wedding day. Contact us today to book your consultation.

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