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The Best Way to Send Wedding Guests a Reminder to RSVP

The wedding date is set. Your invitations are sent. And now…

You wait.

It is certainly exciting to see RSVPs trickle in as you anticipate one of the most cherished days of your life. But, you will have to accept that some people are busy, forgetful, or just like to procrastinate. Big or small, a wedding includes many moving pieces that need to come together as seamlessly as possible; and many of these details hinge on the responses you receive.

Take a deep breath, try not to stress too much yet - there are plenty of strategies to get those answers by the time you need them. In this blog, we will share some of our tips for sending RSVP reminders that best connect you with your invitees.

Make Sure Your Details Are Clear on Your Invitations

First things first. If you want your guests to RSVP, be clear about how you would like them to do so. Your invitations should include the RSVP deadline, and the best way(s) to reply. Many couples still opt for the mail-in RSVP as a part of their stationery package, but it’s not uncommon for nearlyweds to also provide digital options such as a wedding website or dedicated email address/phone number to contact.

If you decide to offer multiple menu options, this could be a great strategy to get prompt responses. After all, there’s something about guests knowing their meal is at “steak” that makes it feel slightly more urgent.

Make sure the details are abundantly clear to your invitees. We can help with that! View our designs to get an idea of our beautiful designs that not only clearly communicate all the important information, but also express your unique love story and personality as a couple.

Why Aren’t They RSVPing?

You have a wedding to plan! Why should you have to chase down grown adults for an answer?

We can absolutely relate to the frustration. As stress mounts, it’s vital to remember to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe life is incredibly busy for a particular guest and the deadline slipped their mind. Or perhaps a friend is devastated that they can’t attend and is dreading having to break the news to you. The invitation or RSVP may have even gotten lost in the mail (giving your eccentric relative another reason not to trust the post!). We could go on, but the point is that as you begin to reach out to guests, remember that they probably have a valid reason. And even if they don’t, extend kindness and be respectful.

When Should You Start Reminding Guests to RSVP?

If your deadline has just passed, give a few days before you start reaching out to guests. It’s possible that they have already put their RSVP in the mail; it might take a few days before it arrives.

You should consider how much time you will need to coordinate with your vendors. Whether it’s ordering stationery for place cards and seating charts, confirming the headcount for the venue, or solidifying menu selections with the caterer, make sure you have ample time to get everything organized.

If your wedding date is further in the future, you might also think about sending a follow-up reminder to RSVP in the mail as a part of your stationery package.

Tip: Sending a Pre-emptive Reminder to RSVP

Sometimes sending a friendly reminder to RSVP is all you need to get the ball rolling, whether it’s on social media, in your family group chat, or on your wedding website.

Tips to Sending Guests a Reminder to RSVP

We will leave you a handful of points here about how to send guests a reminder to RSVP.

  1. Keep it as light and positive as possible. Try not to assign blame or guilt-trip late responders. Life gets in the way at times and that’s okay. In your message, be sure to keep the focus on your excitement to have them celebrate with you on your big day!

  2. Know your audience. For some, a quick friendly text reminder to RSVP might be all they need; plus it’s efficient for you. But remember that a personal phone call can mean a lot to someone, especially among family, close friends, and elderly invitees.

  3. Use a vendor as your ‘scapegoat’ to elicit an answer. For example, give a nudge about their meal options, or that you need to confirm the headcount with the venue. This will put a bit of pressure on them without making you out to be a bridezilla.

  4. Ask for help! If you or your fiancé(e)’s parents are more closely connected with a person, they might be willing to help. It may be that this invitee needs a quick little nudge from them before you pick up the phone or send them a message.

  5. Be direct, especially if timelines are tight. If you have only a couple weeks to go and you need a solid answer, it’s okay to give a firm deadline and communicate that if you don’t receive a response by then that you will assume they can’t attend.

Collecting RSVPs is just another exciting step in preparing for a memorable day full of friends, family, and your love! With these tips for sending a reminder to RSVP, we hope that you can easily connect with your potential guests and get those replies before your big day arrives. Our final advice is to remember that ultimately - regardless of who’s there, who’s not, who responded early or late - this day is all about you celebrating your love as a couple.

If you are starting to plan your wedding and are looking for wedding stationery, contact us or book a consultation. We would love to work with you and tell your unique story through our stationery designs.


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