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2022 Wedding Trends to Inspire Your Wedding Stationery

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

A new year of weddings is beginning and we are excited to share the 2022 wedding trends that are emerging! We hope these trends will bring some inspiration as you plan your joyful celebration with the love of your life. Many of these trends can influence your wedding stationery choices. If you are looking for a unique, elegant, and trendy design, here at Pearl Invitations we work with you to create wedding stationery that showcases your personality and love story.

Go Big or Go Small

The first of the 2022 wedding trends we have noticed is that big celebrations are in! Guest counts are rising, and couples are ready to party with their loved ones on the best day of their lives. In fact, some couples go so far as to create a full weekend wedding experience to allow for more activities and festivities. With more details to communicate, your stationery should share those details in a meaningful and clear way for your guests.

While some may think that the micro wedding is a thing of the past, it is still a solid option for couples who prefer a more intimate feel for their nuptials. The guests you invite to this setting are often the most cherished people in your lives. The micro wedding fosters an up-close, cozy, and personal style. With your stationery options, there are plenty of design avenues that can capture that personalized feel for invitations, menus, and programs that speak volumes to your valued guests.

Regardless of your head count, communicating your wedding details across a more diverse audience may cause you to take a more inclusive etiquette when addressing your wedding invitations.

The Travel Boom is a 2022 Wedding Trend

As things open up in 2022, not only will there be more weddings, but there will be more travel. Destination weddings (and elopements!) are making a major comeback in 2022 and we are here for it. Couples and their guests are simply ready to get out and explore the world. You might want to spread the wedding festivities across multiple days as we mentioned above. With this eagerness to travel, guests are given the opportunity for extra days of sight-seeing or relaxation. You’ll need to ensure that all the travel details are thoughtfully shared in your wedding stationery, and we can help with that!

2022 Wedding Trends that are Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Sustainability continues to be an important value for many couples as we look at 2022 wedding trends. There are beautiful ways to reduce your environmental impact while still providing a memorable experience. The many options include using dried florals, offering vegan meal options, sourcing local vendors, and renting equipment/decor (or purchasing second-hand).

When it comes to your stationery, who says sustainability can’t be elegant? Your emphasis on being eco-friendly doesn’t have to take away from the beauty of communicating your wedding details. Consider recycled paper, hemp paper, or seed-infused paper for your wedding invitations which can still have a beautiful design while having a minimal effect on the environment.

2022 Wedding Trends: Palettes for every Personality

Whether your personality as a couple is bold, vibrant and energetic, or relaxed, easy-going and informal, there is a colour palette for you in the 2022 wedding trends. Let’s take a look.

Dress Your Stationery in Dopamine!

The trend of ‘Dopamine Dressing’ is dominating the wedding world this year. We are seeing bold and loud ‘statement’ colours take centre-stage in wedding florals, decor, stationery, and more. These bright colours can not only boost your mood and confidence, but they can energize your guests and communicate your excitement.

Inspired by Mother Nature

On the other hand, we are seeing plenty of dark, moody, and earthy tones in the 2022 wedding trends. Pair these colours with dried flowers and you will have a gorgeous, moody vibe for your wedding day.

You will probably also see a lot of this year’s colour of the year, Evergreen Fog. Keeping with the earthy tones inspired by Mother Nature herself, this might be the perfect neutral tone to include in your wedding palette. It also pairs well with warm, vintage hues.

Warm Retro Hues

Heading back to the 70s, the use of warm, vintage tones have such a peaceful effect. Using these colours in your wedding stationery/colour scheme can bring a sense of stability and happiness, which we could all use right about now.

Textures that Stimulate the Senses

Wedding stationery is not simply visual; it can be a whole experience in itself. As guests open your invitations, think about adding textural elements such as timeless and classic pearl embellishments. Another trendy option to include would be to use a scented paper that carries the essence of your love story. Another 2022 wedding trend in the stationery world is the use of vellum and acrylic invitations. These go with any colour scheme but bring a texture that stands out to your invitees.


Finally, minimalism is returning with lovely print fonts and simple designs. While the script fonts were gorgeous while they lasted, it’s true that they may be difficult for your guests to read. This minimalist approach ensures the information is clearly legible to all guests, both in your invitations and any signage, menus, or programs you may use. Plus, this trend will fit perfectly for couples with a modern theme in mind for their big day.

Ultimately, your choice of stationery doesn’t have to be defined by 2022 wedding trends; your personality as a couple should shine through and tell your story. At Pearl Invitations, we bring your vision to life and create some of the most beautifully-embellished, hand-crafted designs that set the tone for your big day. Book a consultation with us, we’d love to get you started.

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