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Celebrating Dayanara's Quinceañera

Earlier this year, Pearl Invitations had the wonderful opportunity to provide stationery for Dayanara Arazely Amparo Quezada Alvarenga's Quinceañera on January 30th.

For those who may not be familiar, a Quinceañera is a traditional celebration in Latin American culture that marks a girl's transition from childhood to womanhood on her 15th birthday. It is a significant milestone that is often celebrated with a religious ceremony, followed by a lavish party with family and friends.

At Pearl Invitations, we understand the importance of this celebration and the role that stationery plays in setting the tone for the event. We take pride in creating beautiful, customized invitations, programs, and other stationery that reflect the unique personality and style of the young woman being celebrated.

In this blog, we will take you behind the scenes of Dayanara’s special day!

Group photo at Dayanara's Quinceanera

About Dayanara

Dayanara Arazely Amparo Quezada Alvarenga is a vibrant and energetic young woman with a zest for life. Dayanara has a deep passion for Latin music, and loves nothing more than dancing and singing along to her favorite tunes. In addition to music, Dayanara is also an artist, with a talent for drawing and creating art.

Another favorite pastime for Dayanara is watching shows on Netflix with her family. She loves spending time with her loved ones. And when it comes to spending time with friends, Dayanara is always up for an adventure. She loves exploring new places, trying new foods, and meeting new people. Dayanara never forgets to make time for the things that matter most to her - her family, friends, and the pursuit of adventure and discovery.

Getting Ready for the Event

The day had finally arrived - it was time for Dayanara Arazely Amparo Quezada Alvarenga's Quinceañera. The event date was Friday, January 27th, and despite the light snow showers and chilly temperatures of -11°C, Dayanara was determined to make the most of her special day.

Getting ready for the Quinceañera was a whirlwind of activity. Dayanara had two exams that morning, which made for a hectic start to the day. But she managed to power through them, knowing that the real excitement was still to come.

After finishing her exams, Dayanara rushed home to start getting ready. She had arranged to have her hair and makeup done professionally, and she was eager to see the final result. As she sat in front of the mirror, she felt a mix of nerves and excitement. This was the day she had been looking forward to for years, and she wanted everything to be perfect.

As Dayanara got ready, her family and Corte de Honor started to arrive. They all gathered together at her house, buzzing with anticipation for the night ahead. The theme for the Quinceañera was Mauve and Light Pink, and everyone had dressed accordingly, adding to the already vibrant atmosphere.

But the biggest surprise of all was yet to come. Dayanara's parents had secretly arranged for a limousine to take the Corte de Honor to the venue. When the limo arrived, the group was ecstatic, and the excitement grew even more as they climbed inside and set off towards the party.

As they arrived at the venue, Dayanara felt a rush of adrenaline. This was it - her Quinceañera. She looked around at her family and friends, feeling grateful for their love and support.

Quinceanera setup at the Royal Venetian - Mauve and White Marble Event Stationery

Cocktail Hour

The Cocktail Hour of Dayanara's Quinceañera was held at the stunning Royal Venetian. The reception lobby and reception area were decorated beautifully with flowers and décor that added a huge wow factor to the atmosphere. As soon as Dayanaara and her guests arrived, they were transported into a world of elegance and sophistication.

The space was spacious and well-designed, with plenty of seating for guests to relax and mingle. There were also areas set aside for entertainment, including an Arcade area and a lounge where the kids could hang out and socialize. It was the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening.

One of the highlights of the Cocktail Hour was the mixologist bartender who was on hand to make cool and unique shots with magic tricks. The cocktails were a hit with guests, and the bartender's skills added an extra touch of magic to the occasion.

The entertainment for the evening was provided by DJ Mechon and Itz Nico P., who kept the energy high from the cocktail music to the party music. The music was fantastic, and the DJs knew how to keep the crowd engaged and on their feet.

The food was also exceptional, with Empanadas, Mexican rice, Yuca Frita, and a variety of traditional European antipasto to choose from. The food was beautifully presented, and it tasted as good as it looked. Guests were spoiled for choice, and there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Throughout the venue, there were funny and cool signs that added to the overall ambiance of the evening. It was clear that every detail had been carefully thought out, from the decorations to the food, music, and entertainment. Dayanara's Quinceañera was truly a night to remember, and it was a testament to the hard work and dedication that went into planning and executing such a special event.

Dayanara's reaction to the event set up


The reception at Dayanara's Quinceañera was a true fairytale. As the clock struck 5pm, guests were transported to a magical world, with a custom-made truss metal structure in the middle of the dance floor adorned with wisteria flowers and rainfall sparklers. The vinyl floor wrap featured Dayanara's logo, adding a personal touch to the festivities.

The plated food was exceptional, with guests able to enjoy penne al la vodka, prime rib with mixed vegetables, and cake and fruit for dessert. The food was expertly prepared, and it was presented beautifully, adding to the overall aesthetic of the event.

Later in the night, guests were treated to a waffle station and a taco station with coronitas. The variety of food and drinks on offer meant that there was something for everyone, and guests were able to indulge in some delicious treats while dancing the night away.

Speaking of dancing, the party was non-stop from the beginning of the cocktail hour to the end of the night. The DJ kept the energy high, and guests of all ages were up and dancing, enjoying the music and the company of loved ones.

The reception was truly a highlight of the evening, and it was clear that every detail had been carefully planned and executed to create a magical atmosphere that Dayanara and her guests would remember for a lifetime.

Pink lighted event set up

Custom Event Stationery by Pearl Invitations

The event stationery created by Pearl Invitations for Dayanara's Quinceañera was nothing short of stunning. We were honored to be able to participate in the celebrations by providing customized invitations and menus as part of the event celebrations.

The invitations were printed on 1mm acrylic with UV printing and featured a vellum pocket with floral designs that perfectly matched her theme colors. The custom monogram with her initial was printed on linen colored wax seal to finish the vellum pocket. The details card was printed on an ivory shimmer linen paper and included online information for guests to RSVP.

The menu was a 9" round menu printed with the same floral pattern design to match the invitations. At the bottom of the menu, there was a beautiful message to all of Dayanara's guests in Spanish and English, expressing gratitude for their presence at her special celebration. These custom pieces added an extra layer of elegance and sophistication to the event, making it a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Contact Pearl invitations for your Event Stationery Needs

Dayanara's Quinceañera was an unforgettable event and we were so honoured to be able to provide the stationery to celebrate her day.

Dayanara's parents provided a glowing testimonial that we are so thankful for:

“We were confident from day 1, they listened to our daughters ideas & vision. They brought it all to life!!! We met with them once, gave them our theme colour & ideas and they made our vision come true!!! They are super flexible with time as well, as we would be delayed in getting back to them but yet they still managed to make it happen for us! Our Invitations, RSVP cards, Menu cards, Large Display Pictures & all digital promotion/logos were made possible thanks to Pearl Invitations.”

If you're planning a special event and want stunning stationery that perfectly captures the theme and adds an extra layer of beauty and sophistication, contact Pearl Invitations. Our expert designers will work with you to create stationery that is not only beautiful but also practical and informative.


Reception Venue: The Royal Venetian

Photographer & Videographer: Quarum Photo & Video

Photobooth: Photobooth TO

Decor, centerpieces & florals: Bridal Solutions

Seating chart, welcome sign & custom signage: Signed by Sabri

Dress Designer: Marla’s Fashion

Hair & Makeup: Nasrin Hair Salon

Arcade Rentals & Marquee Letters: Wildcard Experience

Entertainment: DJ Mechon, MC Nico P, Viva Mexico Mariachi, El Poeta De La Banda Fausto Caudillo

Invitations, Menu Cards, Large Display Pictures: Pearl Invitations

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1 Comment

Apr 05, 2023

Absolutely stunning!!!

Thank you Pear Invitations for making us relieve the moment. You truly brought us back to the actual day.

On behalf of our daughter Dayanara and our family we thank each & everyone of our vendors who made this magical day possible!

Gracias a todos los invitados tambien por ser parte del mejor dia de nuestra bella princesa!!!

Next one will be her wedding 🙊🙊🙊

ONE DAY of course... lol

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